Welcome to SmokingHotels.org

    With your help I will try to buil a compendium of information on hotels which permit smoking.

    This site was made to cater to a very significant section of the populace (smokers) which often have problems finding a hotel which permits them to exercise their right to smoke. With smoking being increasingly frowned upon I felt that this was a long overdue page to help those who do smoke, if with nothing else then at least to be able to sit in a hotel room and smoke as opposed to being blasted by rain hail and other conditions.

    If you have any comments or suggestions (no complaints please, we know the drill....it's disgusting, it kills you, etc...) or any information please do contact me. I hope you find this site helpful and I hope you find that it helps you in your quest for a hotel which permits you to enjoy a cigar with a client, a pipe and luxury or even a plain old cigarette!

     Since this site is only at it's beginning you will not find too many hotels in the database. Feel free too submit as many hotels as you know. I will try my best to make sure that the information submited is real. However I cannot guarantee that any hotel listed here will not change it's policy. Consider this place as a starting point only.

     In the mean time read my story. It will evolve, in time, as a story of my life. I will try to emphasize why I love freedom and why I consider the current antismoking movement a real madness.

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